Poodle Love

Hey guys.. Meet my beloved poodle!! MIGGY!! ❤





I just love dogs.. Miggy’s not my first dog btw.. Even though he can’t talk i know he can understand me and he listens.. He usually is my companion in everything.. Nothing more to say.. I just want to post pictures of my baby..


More figure drawing drawings!!



Here!! I used soft pastel for this.. And you know.. This is the only drawing that i got a line of 9 score.. Hahahahaha proof that even thought your prof likes how you draw he gives you the grade that he thinks you deserve and that helps me improve.. But hahahahhaah i only got an 83, 86 or between.. Hahahaha so i think i didnt really improve or wait i have incomplete drawings that’s why my grades ranged from that but.. If i actually finished those hmmm maybe i got higher ones.. Oh well that sem’s already done.. Time to move on


One of my drawings from last year…


See how i use my colored pencils.. Hahahahaha sorry if it’s the wrong way to use them but i like the results anyway.. I think i got a low score because of the anatomy.. Duh subject’s figure drawing anyway.. Hmmmm.. I think… The model was a janitor from our school back then.. I really dont know but that’s what i remember.. Our prof said she used to have a great body but of course she got old.. So no more modeling for her!! Hahahaha that’s all i just wanted to share that i really like this drawing 🙂

Christmas feels

This my favorite plate right now.. When we proposed the design of this christmas card.. Our prof thought we weren’t serious about the snow globe thing made with acetate..he underestimated usssss!! Hahahhaha! Knowing your materials pays off!! So yeah we used acetate to make the globe thingy.. FYI we didn’t glue the acetate to the picture okay? That would ruin the whole thing.. I used my secret material it was one of my best finds.. Hahahah the christmas tree and houses really look like there inside a globe because of the acetate.. The acetate was over the picture.. Just telling.. I’m really proud of it.. The snow globe pop up was my friend’s idea but the acetate idea and the drawings are mine .. Hahahah i feel like were getting a good grade for this.. This plate is actually about die-cut that’s why it’s a popup..

Our prof’s reaction was priceless when we passed this.. Hahahha he was kind of shocked.. He was like ” you guys really pushed the acetate thing” and we were like.. Of course you chose this design anyway.. Hahaha don’t under estimate us sir!! Hahahah he said he was really curious why are digital version was so dull.. He really didnt expect that we’d be doing the acetate thing.. Hahahah anyways.. We know the production of this design would cost a fortune but hey it’s an idea why not try pushing it and make it happen!




Production of electronic material? Printmaking in electronic material?? I DONT KNOW!!

Hahahahha sorry i dont know what PEM stands for.. But it’s a subj about print making and stuff in the digital sense..





Mine’s the Dell ad.. Ohhh.. Btw this is an existing ad but we rearranged it to make it as newspaper ad.. Meaning we only resized and almost changed nothing.. But you see.. Looking for the ad itself and looking for the right pictures on the internet was the hard part! We were studying about the cost of a newspaper ad.. And the differences if it’s a two tone or full color or just a simple black and white.. And HOLY COW!! Newspaper ads are so fucking expensive!! I mean really.. My ad could actually pay my tuition fee for 3-4 years.. Hahahaha and i thought advertising didnt have math in it.. Hahahahah anyways that’s all!! Advertising is fun.. 👍👍